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BP-2000 Computer Requirements

The BP-2000 Blood Pressure Analysis System requires a computer with the following minimum requirements:

Operating System

Windows 8

Windows 7

Windows Vista

Windows XP

Windows 2000

Windows Me

Windows 98, SP2


1.4 GHz recommended (800 MHz minimum)


256 MB or higher

USB Port

One free USB port is required for BP-2000 Series II systems (purchased in 2004 or later)


Only required for original model BP-2000 systems, purchased in 2004 or earlier

Note: If you have an original model BP-2000 system (purchased in 2004 or earlier), the computer must have a PCMCIA card slot. The slot is not available in new notebook computers. However, it is possible to acquire a used notebook computer that meets this requirement. Please contact us for more information, or for assistance in acquiring such a computer.