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BP-2000 Manometer Recommendation

The BP-2000 Blood Pressure Analysis System is pressure-calibrated at the factory. However, you will periodically need to verify pressure calibration, and to recalibrate the pressure as necessary. To do this, a manometer or pressure gauge is needed.

Two types of manometers can be used: a traditional mercury manometer, or an aneroid manometer. Aneroid manometers do not contain mercury, but have the disadvantage that they may fail without any indication that there is a problem.

Mercury Manometer

We generally recommend a mercury manometer designed for use with humans. Mercury manometers have the advantage that you can verify by visual inspection that they are working correctly. The specific one we recommend is Model 0320 by the W.A. Baum Company (www.wabaum.com). This product comes in a sturdy aluminum case, and is guaranteed to be scientifically accurate. Similar products from other companies should work fine, too.

Aneroid Manometer

An aneroid manometer we recommend is the Model 0920 by the W.A. Baum Company (www.wabaum.com), shown here. Similar products from other companies should work fine, too.

In the United States, these manometers can be purchased from a number of sources, including:

Mainline Medical


Phone: (800) 366-2084

Mercury Manometer Item Number: 2-0320-01

Aneroid Manometer Item Number: 2-0920-01