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How to Review and Adjust BP-2000 Data

The BP-2000 Analysis Software is very good at detecting and ignoring animal movement, and thus gives more accurate data with fewer outliers.

However, we recommend that you review your data each day to see if there are measurement values which should be adjusted, or outliers which should be excluded. With the improved report navigation features we have added, it is very easy do to this:

  1. Create a Measurement Set Report, by clicking Data on the main menu, clicking Reports on the drop-down menu, and then selecting Measurement Set Statistics on the first page of the Report Wizard.

  2. Locate the measurement set you wish to examine by using the date column.

  3. Double click on the row for that measurement set. This will open an Individual Measurement Report containing just the measurements which comprise that measurement set.

  4. If desired, you can sort the data in the report, by clicking on the header for the systolic pressure column (or any other column, as desired).

  5. Display the waveform for a measurement by double-clicking its row in the report.

  6. If the waveform is good, but the software has placed the systolic or diastolic pressure in the wrong place, you can change the systolic or diastolic pressure by clicking-and-dragging the vertical line to the correct location. The changes will be automatically saved.

  7. If there is no systolic value (and thus no vertical yellow line), but you can see where it should be, you can add a systolic value by right-clicking the plot with the mouse, and choosing “Add Systolic” from the popup menu. You can do this for the diastolic value as well.

  8. If the waveform is unusable due to excessive movement, or a poor or very small signal, you can invalidate the measurement by unchecking the Valid checkbox in the leftmost column. The statistics for the measurement set will be immediately recalculated, and the database and all reports will be instantly updated.

  9. On the waveform review window, use the Next and Previous buttons at the bottom to quickly navigate among all waveforms in the report, as shown above. You can also validate or invalidate the measurement by clicking the Valid checkbox at the lower right of the waveform window.

  10. If desired, use the Reviewed column on both measurement set and individual measurement reports to keep track of the data you have reviewed. To do this, check the Reviewed checkbox to indicate the data has been verified.